I am off to the wilds of Atlantic City, New Jersey tomorrow to make some new friends at the Landscape Architects’ conference. It is a new venue for me and thus a bit scary. It’s been a long time since I have taken myself and my sculptures out into the professional arena. I am looking forward to getting some really good feedback and even some orders for sculptures! Keep your fingers crossed. (If you are interested in this conference or any other information from the New Jersey chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, check out this website.)

Even though I am super busy packing up the truck and finishing the last minute details today, I couldn’t help but post these pix of the beasts…

One cat, yes. Two?

Max and...
Max and…

Oh, there she is!!!

there she is!
there she is!

And finally…has anyone seen Ginger?

Who is that waaaaay down at the bottom of the hill?
Who is that waaaaay down at the bottom of the hill?

See you next week!






13 thoughts on “hidden

    1. Thanks! I’m always glad to be an inspiration to others, I have many people who are my inspirations (maybe I’ll write a post about that someday.) Good luck with your welding!

    1. Cats don’t really like snow, but they will tolerate it if they are motivated or if it is easy to walk on. Max was following me around the yard and then decided to head home. Besides, he’s been cooped up in the house and extra energy to spare.

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the conference and hope you get some orders for your beautiful sculptures. I didn’t realize cats liked snow – such funny photos!

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