Atlantic City. What an odd town. Granted, it is January and AC is somewhat of a ghost town but still, I found it a very weird place. And the Trump Taj Mahal is even weirder. I have never stayed in a casino resort and since I don’t gamble, I was very confused as to the whole gambling mentality.

The Taj Mahal is a a juxtaposition of opulence and seedy.  Enormous, beautiful chandeliers hang from huge swathes ceilings. Thick carpets or marble adorn the floors. And yet if you look hard enough, the glitz is just a thin veneer, hiding the shabby, aging infrastructure.

Sensory input is limited to the smell of cigarette smoke and the sounds of bells chiming when a winner is announced. Life becomes timeless. You can wander around for hours and never see a window. I realized that the only time I saw the outdoors was when I took a break from my conference and sat on the floor in my room in from of the window.  It was very disconcerting for someone who spends a good part of her day outdoors, even when it’s freezing cold. 

the view from my room
the room faced north-ish

The conference itself was great, lots of landscape architects and engineers stopped by my booth to learn about my artwork and I felt like I made some wonderful new contacts.

my “booth”

Of course now I have to be patient and see if anybody can use my creations in the future. (Not my strong suit.) I also learned some really important things, both about the profession and about specific things like dry stone walling…but I’ll share more about that the next time. All in all, I’m glad I went. And I’m glad to have returned home again. As always.

10 thoughts on “return

  1. What great pieces you took! and I have to agree..have a sister with a gambling addiction and I hate the places..i don’t have her in my life they drag everyone down into their world..hubby and I walked through a big casino in Melbourne and you are spot on flashing lights glitzy light fittings opulent looking décor…dirty carpet..zombies on machines loud tinny sounds like a cheap town carnival…nobody makes eye contact..we couldn’t wait to get out..they have no windows so people have no concept of’s deliberate..all I can feel in these places is the smell of people losing their mortgages jobs marriages and family….smells like desperation and hopelessness…great post and I think there or here the vibe is the same. Fozziemum x

    1. Yes, I was fascinated and repelled by the types of people I saw and how mesmerized they were when they were sitting in front of the slot machines. Not my cup o’ tea. My dad was a gambler but preferred poker and horses to slots and roulette…sorry to hear about your sister.

      1. Yep they get all glazed over…no idea of the outside world and the consequences..i used to feel sorry fro them but not after my experience with my sister..the lying.stealing and absolute low levels she would sink blew any sympathy out the window…I guess every family has a problem relo…I have her and my brother,,my little sister is awesome..huge…she is a rbubiks cube!

  2. I love the hand sculpture as well; an elegant booth.

    I’ve never been to Atlantic City but I always go slightly mad after 10 minutes in a windowless mall so I can only imagine your state of mind after a while. I call it being “malled/mauled”.

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