There are lots of moose in Wyoming. Believe it or not, they can actually hide if they are lying down in the brush. Only their big heads can show and only if you are looking for them. They lose their antlers in the winter which makes them even harder to see. Moose are actually more graceful in snow, their long legs are perfectly proportioned and designed to use as little energy as possible stepping in tall snow drifts. They are still kinda funny looking though.

I lost count of how many we saw, I think it stood around ten. Here are some of the places we saw them:

where's the moose?
where’s the moose?
out in the open
out in the open
detail, he eventually crossed the road and disappeared
trying to get over the fence
a different moose crossing the driveway
in someone's backyard
in someone’s backyard
sleeping in the trees
sleeping in the trees

8 thoughts on “moose

    1. I wish I had had a better camera but it is difficult to get good moose pix if they are against the white of the snow, cameras don’t know what to do with that contrast.

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