What do you do when you can’t drive somewhere because the roads aren’t plowed? You take one of these!!!

Bombardier or snow coach
Bombardier or snow coach
tight quarters
tight quarters
trailer for our stuff
trailer for our stuff

Bombardiers, named for the J. Armand Bombardier, who patented the Bombardier Snowbus in 1939, are, quite simply, “da bomb” when it comes to snow travel. I urge you to check out the website of the company we used, they have the most authentic versions of the snow bus (aka snowcat, snow coach etc.).

We piled in, took our seats and took off on a wild ride through the snow. Occasionally we would see wildlife and stop to take pictures from the roof hatch. Traffic was pretty nonexistent except for the occasional group of snowmobilers (ugh) and the lone park ranger. Regulations on winter travel in the park are pretty fierce and it is kept down to a minimum in order to keep the ecosystem as calm as possible. Each driver had lots of stories to tell and kept turning around to yell them to us (it’s a little loud in there) and so I was glad that there weren’t too many snowmobilers or bison or moose or…

Riding in one of these is an interesting experience that I’m glad I had…wouldn’t want to do it for the rest of my life but for a couple of days it was fun!

13 thoughts on “unplowed

    1. Most of them are vintage although I think there is one that was made recently. They have been refurbished and have better engines which helps a lot on the hills.

  1. Since we live near Salt Lake and only 4.5 hrs from Yellowstone, we’ve been going there in all seasons for the past 20 years. About that long ago, we snowmobiled in. You haven’t lived until you’ve faced a herd of bison ambling down the road toward you, sitting with no protection just a couple of feet off the road. They’re a lot bigger than you are, and surprisingly noisy. Don’t know if they can smell your fear, but the snowcoaches are the less life-threatening way to go. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Look us up next time you come through!

    1. Noisy? Really? How? I couldn’t hear them at all since the snow coaches were so loud. I can only imagine how intimidating they are up close. I will definitely look you up next time I am in the area…hope you and the family are well.

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