blue sunset

One evening as we were looking for wolves in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone, I looked behind the van and saw the most amazing sight. The sun was hitting one of the peaks in the park. Everything else around it was in shadow. The clouds over the Absaroka Mountains were dark and cloudy. Then it continued to get even more dramatic. The clouds turned this really rich blue. It reminded me of something out of the Lord of the Rings.


When I turned around to look at the bison that the others had gone off to photograph, I noticed that the river had taken on that blue as well. It was another of the magical moments of my trip.

bison by the blue river
bison by the blue river

This day has stayed with me for the past couple of weeks and I found it showing up in my artwork. Here’s a sneak peek at the basket. To see more of it, click on the picture to go directly to my website.

spiral basket
spiral basket

10 thoughts on “blue sunset

  1. You really captured the perfect shade of blue in your basket. You are ‘right on’ with the color. These are the scenes I’ll think of when I look at the basket. Incredible.

    1. Ohhhh, you don’t know how I love to hear that. I actually took apart a basket that had some bison in it…I think they will show up again, perhaps in a different shaped basket…

        1. Thanks for the link…it was fascinating, and sad, and inspiring…I have a bit of musk ox fluff that my godmother picked up for me on one of her trips to the Great White North. It was one of my more special presents.

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