minus one

A female downy woodpecker

draped in prayer in the underbrush

The black and white wing furled for all to see

hung up in the brush

no evidence of how she died

a car?

a cat?

a raptor?

Soft and still warm

she fits in my hand

soooo beautiful

sooooo soft

The world is now

minus one

female downy woodpecker

13 thoughts on “minus one

  1. So sad.
    I found a tiny screech owl a month ago on Bloom Road. It looked perfect but it was on the road so I know it had gotten hit by a car.

  2. Poor little thing…but you know what she has been remembered..you were there and so she has existed…many can’t say the same and die without us ever having really appreciated them 🙂 what a sweet/sad post hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. yes it was a sad post, and yet it was exciting to me in my newfound identity as an amateur naturalist and artist to take some time to look at her and her beauty, even in death.

      1. I hear you! I feel more naturalist than anything else of late…when the snake was well out of harms way I took some close ups of it..yes it was deadly but a beautiful creature that clearly had been caught by an Eagle and dropped..it’s face was damaged i imagine from being dropped from a height..but to see it’s scales and colors without fear of being bitten was a special moment..and it was also like I said an acknowledgement of it’s existence.

        1. Yes, an acknowledgement of existence seems a kindness, especially to such a universally reviled creature as the snake. Snakes and wolves have gotten a bad rap. I’m glad you took time to observe it and marvel at its beauty. Not everyone would see that.

          1. No not everyone can..fear becomes a blocker to what is truly a beauty..i have taken pics of snakes alive and they are deady really deadly but such stunning animals..i have wanted to take pics of some of the poor Roos that are killed by cars to show the sad side of wildlife and our encroachment into their world..pretty sure I would be given filthy looks by drivers going past..but I feel for them..they have had a life and then they are road side litter..seems so undignified and heartless…don’t know if any blog readers would be too impressed with such pictures..but I feel that we need a balance of life..all beauty has a sad side..i think wolves are beautiful and I also think foxes are even though I have seen first hand the devastation they cause..but they are part of our world and as such serve a purpose..unlike a lot of humans who seem to have no purpose other than to harm others for sheer joy…go figure!

    1. probably not, it’s still a little early. Birds are still making their nests. And the temperature dropped back down to way below freezing last night.

      1. Well that is a blessing that there are no little eggs perishing. I was going to say she died of a broken heart because her mate didn’t show but I think downy woodpeckers don’t mate for life. Or do they???

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