spring wandering

Something peeps out of

last year’s leaves

looking vaguely like a chick.

Upon further sensorial inspection

it is determined to be the beginning of

this year’s

skunk cabbage.

cool pattens

popping through the dead leaves
peeping through the dead leaves

9 thoughts on “spring wandering

      1. Hahahaha they are delicious beans and the colors are exactly the same as the pic you put up..usually used for minestrone soups etc 🙂 they are such pretty beans in pretty pods 🙂 not ignorant at all…they are a very Italian veggie :0

  1. Skunk cabbage is one of my favorite signs of spring! I like the variegated blossom of your East Coast variety. The ones in our wetland, and neighboring wet areas are bright yellow. Imagine the two varieties next to each other… but that’s all we can do. Can’t introduce invasive species in either place. Right? 🙂

    1. nooooooo…please no more invasives, we have enough as it is…I thought I’d try to eradicate some of the honeysuckle and multiflora rose that is in my woods…wish me luck.

      1. I wish you luck on both accounts! Last spring I went to work eradicating invasive blackberry from our property. What an amazing transformation… we now have a nature habitat area and are working to plant more native plants. The time spent is worth the effort… you will smile when you are “done.”

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