my stream

The green ribbon

in the stream

comes from

I know not where.

I have searched for its name

to no avail.

This does not stop me from

enjoying the beauty of its form

as it is pulled by the current

of my little stream.

I reach to touch it

and it is as soft as it looks.

You can tell where the currents go

just by following the movement

of the serpentine tresses.

If you know what it is

reply below

and I will add it

to my list

of amazing things.

pulled by the water
pulled by the water
underwater green
underwater green

9 thoughts on “my stream

  1. Beautiful..i don’t know but it is clearly some form of algae I imagine…and it looks so velveteen….the last picture reminds me of how rhubarb strands go when over cooked …lovely 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. Looks like string algae to me. this can be a serious problem in ponds as it can take over and rob oxygen from the water and endanger fish. Or, so I’ve been told….

    1. I think you’re right. I’m gonna keep an eye on it. It’s actually beneficial in regular amounts. It’s probably because of the goat/cow farm next door.

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