My mother tried to instill in me a habit of sending thank you notes when I received a gift. It didn’t stick, much to her chagrin. However, I try to be good about acknowledging a gift with some form of gratitude, whether it is a simple thank you at the time of the receipt or an e-mail later in the week. I am not always successful, but I try.

Lately I have been struggling with how to express my gratitude towards all of you who like or comment on a post or follow my blog. I always click on a person’s link to see who has liked or followed me each day. And for a while I was thanking each person by finding something interesting about their blog and commenting on it.

But interestingly enough, gratitude takes time. And I started to get busy in the studio (which is TRULY exciting!!!) and found I didn’t have as much time to blog as I used to. I also started noticing that the amount of “spam” followers has increased. I have no desire to read, much less thank, the bloggers who want to show me how to make more money, feel better about myself, or reach a new audience with my blog. I also have no desire to waste any time on porn blogs which, for some reason, think I am either young and male or old and a lesbian. Unfortunately, there is no way to block or delete these particular followers, so let me just apologize in advance if you happen to find them by clicking their gravatars on my site…I do NOT condone any spam followers.

For the rest of you who are following me and have not gotten a personal thank you, let me tell you that I do appreciate that you are reading my humble blog. I hope you find enjoyment, wisdom, beauty, art, humor and love. My days always seem so fascinating to me and it’s cool to be able to share it with a bunch of like-minded people. I continue to grow and find out who I am and I love that I have a nonjudgmental crowd to test the ever-evolving ME on.

That being said, here’s my photo of the day…


We called them

water skeeters,

those funny bugs

that skipped across the water.


it was easier to know where they were

by looking for their

shadow dots

on the bottom

or for the

center of the

concentric circles

rippling across the surface.

water skeeter

water skeeter

concentric circles
concentric circles

8 thoughts on “tanks

  1. I enjoy your blog, and you’re fun to interact with in comment threads, so thanks right back. Now please check out my blog on how to have longer–lasting erections.

  2. Bwahahaahahah oh dear…yes Spam followers…the same ones..make bucks,i have become a multibaziilionaire by blogging..sheesh my about in my blogs I am sure says I have no interest in making money blogging…but the spam continues..the porn ones are hilarious!! poor Dinnermintz a female ginger cat seems to attract the most when she is mentioned in a blog….I wonder what she has to do with ladyboys……bwahahahahaah maybe because female ginger cats are rare..perhaps i should check SHE is not posting behind my back….I could care less about what my blogging buds have following them as we all get it …Hugs “I can make you filthy rich and sexy by blogging” bwahahahaahha Fozziemum xxx

  3. Hmmmm, I think Dinnermintz is definitely hitting the computer when you are not watching. Thanks for making me realize that I am not alone in this weird blog/spam thing…I wish WordPress would make it so you could block them somehow.

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