Hey all you blog land peeps! I am super excited about some of my posts coming up, I spent Saturday morning taking pictures of owls, hawks and a particularly bratty vulture at a local bird sanctuary. It was through both the DC and Baltimore Photo Safaris and we had VIP treatment, being allowed to get up close and personal (well, getting within 6 feet) and taking pictures of these birds out in the woods instead of in their cages. It was fascinating to see them and to have lots of time to observe their markings and behaviors. We also received some instructions on how to best take pictures of the birds and I think a few of mine turned out really nicely. Of course I have a little hybrid Panasonic Lumix which can’t compare to the humongously huge lenses that one of the photo dudes was carrying around. I think the thing was bigger than my leg. I guess size does matter to some people. I’m sure he took fantastic pictures but I like to think that because I don’t have a great camera, I have to work harder to come up with decent photos and therein lies the artistry. Wanna debate that one???  🙂

So, now that I have whetted your appetite for birds, I’m gonna throw a curveball and start the week with a story/picture that’s been “dying” to be shown. If you will recall, about a week ago, we were happily enjoying real spring weather, the kind where the windows and doors get thrown open, the flowers actually get some color and the cherry trees start to explode. Then, WHAM, the temperatures plummeted and we were back to winter for a few days. That’s when I found this poor guy on the driveway:


Happily wriggling in

a puddle

left by the

torrent of rain

the worm

doesn’t notice

that he is


to feel chilly

until it’s

too late


he’s permanently


into position.

frozen in mid-wriggle
frozen in mid-wriggle

5 thoughts on “frozen

    1. I was there to photograph several birds…more to follow in future posts!
      This owl was missing a wing. Didn’t stop his personality from shining through.

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