Earth Day

-What exactly is  Earth Day? said the owl.

-Excuse me? I said. Did you just say something?

-Yes, he replied. I have heard that you two-legged beings are calling this particular day Earth Day. I’m not quite sure what that means. Perhaps you could clarify it for me. Does that mean that only one day of the year there is an earth?

-No no, I exclaimed. Of course there is an earth every day and night. But this is the day we honor the earth, pay it some extra attention and feel good about doing it. We have earth day parties and gatherings where we do something good for the earth, repair it in some way. It’s a celebration of this place we all live.

-I see, murmured the owl as he closed his eyes. One day a year you give thanks for everything the earth has to offer and try to fix everything bad you have done to it during the other 364 days. You two-legged beings really are wierd.

Barred owl
Barred owl

And with that he fell asleep.


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