did you know?

…that a turkey vulture’s wings are not black but really a combination of indigo blue, brown, teal dark purple and beige?

full wing spread
full wing spread

…that you can see right through a turkey vulture’s nose? Also, this nose works better than the black vulture which has to wait until the turkeys smell the dead thing.

see-through nose
see-through nose

…that turkey vultures can be brats? This was taken right before she decided that she didn’t want to stick around. She started flying away and pulled out the eye screw in the trunk of the tree. When we left, the ranger was sitting on a cat carrier (repurposed as a vulture carrier…oh wait, a carrion-eater carrier???) waiting for her to decide to come down from the tree. Fortunately, she is imprinted on the visitor’s center and will not fly away. Unfortunately, she doesn’t come when called.


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