half and half

Directions for taking pictures of a perfect double rainbow.

1. Notice the strange yellow sunset light outside and stop everything to go see it.

2. Be amazed at the sight of the end of the rainbow…run down the hill to see the rest of it.

3. Notice that it’s not one but two rainbows.

4. Remember to take your camera or cellphone EVERYWHERE just in case you might come across a double rainbow.

5. If you don’t have a picture taking device, stand and take in with awe the splendor in front of you. Note the dark blue gray stripe in between the two rainbows and the extra pink stripe underneath the bottom one.It helps to scream “Hey everyone…there’s an AWESOME double rainbow” knowing that most of your neighbors are inside, don’t care or are mowing their lawn and can’t hear you.

6. Run inside for your iPhone, trying not to fall over the dog. Take sock away from dog on your way back outside.

7. When buying cellphone, make sure you know all the picture taking capabilities.  Try not to learn how to take a panoramic shot as the rainbow is slowly disappearing into the clouds.

8. Take two pictures of rainbow, one of each end. Try to take them so you can paste them together later in photoshop. Fail miserably.

9. Be grateful for the opportunity to witness this wonder of nature and yell “Thank you” to the skies.

10. Post each picture on your blog so others might have a glimpse of the moment…sans the second rainbow which had disappeared by the time you had gotten back outside.

left side
left side
right side
right side

7 thoughts on “half and half

  1. Oh LOL. At least you tried! (and some of the photos were successful 🙂 ) Thinking about rainbows, it’s been a long time since I have seen one here.

    1. According to this particular rainbow, the pot of gold was in my neighbor’s indoor riding ring. Unless it was behind it somewhere. 🙂

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