The black fabric

crosses the land

like an armband

on a


loved one.

black band
black band

It signals

the end of an era,

the end of

the beauty of

simple farmland.

No more

will I see a


soybean morning

or a corn afternoon.

soybean morning
soybean morning
soybean view
soybean view

The machines arrive


the sign appears

sign of progress
sign of progress

the destruction

under the guise of



more destruction

and the tranquility of rural America

slowly and violently


to the tune of


Note: I am particularly sad about this one as it is less than a half mile from my house. I am not only grieving for the view, but the water table (we are on well systems here), the peace and quiet (when the wind comes from that direction which it does for a good portion of the summer, I can hear all of the big vehicles), and the amount of traffic on the back road that I live on. In addition, there is what a development does to the environment, including the creek that runs through this development on its way to the Chesapeake Bay. I could go on and on…suffice it to say that it was a sad day for me when the trucks arrived.

On another, lighter, note…I finally learned how to work the panorama button on my iPhone…yippee!

11 thoughts on “Requiem

  1. Oh Jeez! My heart goes out to you! Is it fracking? We are under threat of it here in Ireland, (fighting back like mad!) a tiny country, and it will demolish us all…
    I misread your comment about your iphone, and thought you’d written that you’d found the paranoia button!!!! As someone once said “Paranoia is just being in full possession of all the facts”. Indeed!

    1. No, not fracking, thank God. We are too close to civilization for that I think. No this is yet another large ugly housing development. Fracking REALLY sucks and is very scary indeed. I did not know that your little island was being tracked. That sucks. Keep up the good fight.
      Oh, and even paranoid people are occasionally right.

      1. What they are doing with housing in Ireland is insane…deregulation, prices inflated in the boom, huge mortgages to folk who could never keep up payments, evicted, whilst Bank gets their house and all they’ve paid so far. Then there’s the bust, empty developments all over the country, bbought up for tuppence by wealthy investors, the Irish people paying for the bankers greed, and now with a supposed upturn in the econmy (huh!) they are trying the whole Ponzi scheme again. Sick.

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