a little rain may fall

Recipe for Erosion:

Take one mild mannered stream


add some snow fall

snowball snowball snowball

No, I said snow FALL

not snow BALL

spring snow
spring snow

Wait for it to melt

into the stream.

a little snow melt
a little snow melt

Let it sit for a few days


add rain.

A LOT of


add some water
add some water
miniature waterfall
miniature waterfall
making new pathways
making new pathways
following the flow
following the flow

Do this several times,

then see what it does

to the banks of

the little stream.


This recipe works particularly well

if all roads

and driveways

are paved


new housing

and commercial developments

are happening

close by.

13 thoughts on “a little rain may fall

  1. Beautiful pics but boy how annoying…w had issues like this where we used to live…I took video of it on my phone and still no action…..seems a worldwide issue trying to get erosion under control…Fozziemum xx

    1. The problem is my stream is hugely unimportant in the grand scheme of things (as defined by people who don’t even live here) so nobody is going to be taking any notice whatsoever. The good news is that I am getting trees planted by the county next week to help buffer the stream.

  2. Very funny & brilliant. We’ve had our stream turn into a rage machine twice & it completely changed the way the stream flowed. I love your pictorial, even though its not a good thing. ~amy

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