two at a time

Worked hard in

the studio

this month

and finished

two sculptures

at the same time.

One under deadline

one just for fun.

Two different pieces

opposite in feelings

but similar in


(click on each picture to go to the web page)

Hirsutae Vólucri
Hirsutae Vólucri

13 thoughts on “two at a time

  1. Very clever shape poem and I love the sculptures. I couldn’t get the link on the second photo to work. Could you check it please? Could be just my computer.

  2. Yay, it worked. It’s cute and made me laugh. I thought it perhaps was one of those contained’ things’ which when released is actually not so fierce after all. Is there a connection or is hirsutae volucri just here for the sheer fun of it?

    1. Well I think you made the connection that I hadn’t! How wonderful. I just thought I was working on two opposites but now I realize I was working on two sides of the same concept…What would I do without your wisdom???

  3. Love the two together, especially as many people are afraid of birds so the second is almost an invitation to embrace your silly fears in a way. Great pieces!

  4. The vase is very intriguing, it appears as thistles upended inside, complete with stems…
    ‘Harry Byrd’ would enjoy meeting one of my chickens, named Tufty for the odd sprout of feathers on the top of his head. Fun!

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