On a day when

much is perfect,

a closer look

at the garden



not easily seen from a distance.

One could argue that these

holey (holy?) leaves and

dead branches

are perfect

and one would not be far off.

For the invisible world,

the one we don’t pay attention to,

has either caused

or benefited from

these moments of


and death.

And who am I to judge that

their need to survive is


than my need for

visual perfection.

And I am taught,

once again,

that visual perfection

resides in


holey leaf
holey leaf

My pyracantha was seriously affected by the bitter cold. Some of it has survived but I am loathe to clip it down to the green until all creatures have stopped finding a use for it as is.

spider using everything around to anchor it's web
spider using everything around to anchor it’s web
webs in the pyracantha
webs in the pyracantha
more webs
more webs
wrapped around
wrapped around

14 thoughts on “perfection/imperfection

  1. They are gorgeous webs. This is a perfect post for my garden this morning which has had a dramatic transformation overnight thanks to our first severe frost of the winter. Leaves are frost bitten, suddenly set adrift from vines and trees; I was wondering if I should rake up the leaves but have decided they are probably needed to protect the garden beds for some time yet. So I am needing to see through the apparent ‘ugly’ this morning to the beauty that will unfold from this time. Watching the frost develop last night was beautiful. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so glad my post was timely for you. I love the first frost, but I will be glad not to see it here for a few months. My husband is a “clean it immediately” kinda guy and I am more of a “leave it until spring” kinda girl…makes for some conflict in our happy home.

        1. Yes we have deer and thus we have ticks. As long as the deer stay away from the gardens, it doesn’t make much difference whether they are tidy or not…it’s comes down to a personal need for “cleanliness”. Yes, you may assume I am a bit of a slob at times. Or lazy. Not sure which.

  2. So very beautiful and true…I am always at odds with myself over the Virgo in me wanting perfection…things to be visually appropriate and yet I am always drawn to the imperfect..the lace bugs work on destroying a leaf…the sad but beautiful maple tree that has lost it’s Autumn shimmers of russet and gold..yet I can see the trunk and its patterns as perfect πŸ™‚ wonderful post Hugs Bev xx

    1. Hmmm, my sister is a Virgo…my condolences on the intense need for order and organization. πŸ™‚ I have a little Virgo in me which is probably why I like it as well. But not enough to work very hard at it…hence a studio that I definitely do NOT show to the public unless I spend a day or two cleaning it.

      1. Bwahhhhhh thankyou…its quite a burden this Virgo life…I have met several whom are the Anti Virgo….I am astounded at how filthy lazy and dishevelled they are…polar opposites….perhaps I envy them embracing their inner piggie πŸ™‚ bwahahahahhaha πŸ™‚

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