92 trees

A bunch of men

showed up here


and planted

92 trees

at the bottom of the hill.

I won’t be around

in 30 years

to see them grow

to their full



I must use

my imagination

to envision

a protected stream bed,

houses and food for birds,

and more oxygen

in the atmosphere.

But for now,

I can watch them grow

a little more

each year.

planting 92 trees
planting 92 trees
trees, mulch and protective tubes.
trees, mulch and protective tubes.

I don’t often have a reason to actually thank elected officials these days. So it is a nice feeling to be able to send my thanks to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and the Carroll County Bureau of Resource Management. The governor has a very clearly stated group of social and environmental goals and is pretty honest about how much has been accomplished. Carroll County is not known for having a liberal bent, in fact, quite the opposite is true. However, the Bureau jumped on the state’s initiative and is planting hundreds of trees along waterways in our county. It was a pleasure to work with them. All I had to do was say yes to having the trees planted and pick out which ones I wanted. The county takes care of the planting and yearly maintenance for three years at no cost to me. What a no-brainer!!! I am not the only one who has benefitted, a friend of mine also has a bunch of little trees along her rapidly expanding stream. Her erosion is ten times worse than mine and she is hoping that this will slow it down somewhat.

I will enjoy being the guardian of these trees…hopefully the deer will leave them alone.



8 thoughts on “92 trees

  1. Yes, I am that friend. And I am very grateful for all those wonderful trees. I probably won’t be around to see them when they a fully grown but will enjoy watching their progress.

  2. Love stories like this one! Our Clean Water Services provided trees to homeowners on riparian corridors, but we plant them ourselves… But no matter which scenario … three cheers for community projects like the ones near your home and mine!! Two green thumbs up.

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