It started with the birds chirping and chattering excitedly but I couldn’t quite understand them. Then the news was taken up by the wind as it whistled through the trees. The butterfly, newly emerged, caught the gist of the message and went off to tell the grasshopper who told the spider. The spider didn’t tell anyone, having other things to take care of but the flies and bees overheard and spread the word. As I walked to the studio that morning I finally realized what they were all saying…the ants had done their job and created an explosion in the garden. A riot of odiferous pink flowers bowed to greet me and nodded in approval of the day. The Siberian Iris looked on in adoration. The Clematis, torn asunder by the freezing temperatures cried silently as it remembered past years of glory and perfume.

nodding in approval
nodding in approval
line of pink
line of pink
can ants smell?
can ants smell?

21 thoughts on “explosion

    1. I’m probably going to have to whack it way back and see if it will reemerge. Probably should have done that earlier but I was busy with the house gardens. And yes, I love having a space for the peonies, it was a flower my mother loved and we had them when I was growing up.

        1. Ah, that is a conundrum I ran into today with other plants…now that all my gardens are starting to take shape, I am running out of room to move things to.

    1. Ahhh, the dreaded red ant. Hate them…especially when they bite between your toes. Ugh. Lived in Charleston for three years and finally learned to put shoes on when gardening.
      Little black ants are responsible for eating the waxy substance that covers the peony buds and allows them to open. These ants don’t bite, fortunately.

        1. They are actually pretty easy, they love to be right on the surface of the ground, they love sun, they need ants to bloom and they like to be clipped after blooming…simple!

          1. I think my problem is that I don’t like how they die! Plants that drop their petals and flowers are fine, but flowers that go brown whilst still on the plant depress me! And I’m not the sort of gardener that would spend time dead-heading things….Hey Ho!

          2. hmmmm. sounds like you are not a peony kinda guy then. Just continue to enjoy them in other people’s gardens…no muss no fuss that way. 🙂

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