two to tango

Two serpents

intertwined like lovers

contributing to the






A dance like

no other,

they weave

and coil

around each other,

moving together

as if one single being.

I am reminded of a

two-snaked Medusa.

When both are satiated,


takes off for

parts unknown,

the other

finds its way

into my studio

to take

a post-coital nap

under the tool chest.

Two black rat snakes
Two black rat snakes intertwined in procreation

My apologies, I have not had time to process the video portion…it is fascinating and very hypnotic to watch…I will post it as soon as I can but I am off to CT for a couple of days to deal with my aging father who is not doing very well.

11 thoughts on “two to tango

  1. Hoping the best for your dad sweets…and as for the video can’t wait..i must confess I am always intrigued by their dances with each other….although here I would be a fair way away!!!

    1. Thank you! This was the first time I have ever seen this happening. A friend of mine who is a naturalist says she has never seen them. So both you and I have had a super special experience!

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