The neighbor’s

honey bee

is gorging itself


my flowers.

I have a jar

of honey

in my kitchen

in exchange.

I’m pretty sure

I got the better deal.



one of my naturalist friends has alerted me that this is NOT a honey bee but a bee-like fly. I am leaving the post because it humors me, but I am aware that it is biologically incorrect. I will be doing more research and may write a post about it in the future. Or not.

Thanks Melinda.

15 thoughts on “beeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. Melinda-
    FYI- I am currently writing a set of posts about Bumble Bees in honor of Pollinator’s Week.
    The first post is up: “Getting Wind of… Bumblebees.
    The next three posts are a various stages of editing: Biology of Bumblebees, Cause of Bee die-offs, Steps We Can Take to Save Pollinators
    My goal is to have them all up as the week progresses.
    Your post naturally caught my attention! I love your poem and photo. Hurray for pollinators- ALL ❤

    1. I’m looking forward to reading them…for some reason this is the year that I have become aware of just how many bees and bee-like insects there are, I always assumed that big yellow bees were bumble bees and smaller ones were honey bees. I’m working on a new bee post as well that shows the different winged creatures that visit my flowers. Happy pollinator week! V.

        1. My thoughts have been interrupted and are still gelling on this subject/research… sadly, there was a big honey-bee kill in a town not to far away, in Eugene, Oregon. Most of the bees died on Tuesday. Information is still hitting the media. Unfortunate occurrence during Pollinator Week… so sad and maddening. In this case people should have known better.

          … On another note… awkward moment… apology to you Virginia… I misread your thanks to Melinda as – Thanks, Melinda. Please feel free to fix my faux pas in the greeting on this comment thread.

          1. How absolutely awful about the bees, I read about it and it makes me soooo mad that we continue to kill insects because they cause a mess on people’s cars. Really? Has anyone heard of a car wash? Has anyone heard of ladybugs who eat aphids without killing off other insects? Ugh.
            Don’t worry about calling me Melinda. I recently thought a woman blogger was a man and called her a guy. She corrected me. I think it’s the nature of the blogging world, we want a bit of anonymity but with that comes a little bit of confusion as to who we really are.

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