My reward

for cleaning

bird poop

owl pellets

mouse guts

and other


from the cages

of the



and hawks

was to


the kestrel

for the first time.


would be proud.

holding the kestrel
holding the kestrel

Yes, this is the same kestrel that I took pictures of during the Washington Photo Safari a couple of weeks ago. (see below) That was before I started volunteering and getting much more intimate with these wonderful birds.

throughout the branches
through the branches
shyness abounds
shyness abounds

16 thoughts on “reward

    1. They are gorgeous. I had plenty of time to just observe him from different angles and to see how his coloring changes. Wish I could hold him and draw him at the same time.

    1. Wow…I am impressed. That is one VERY large bird. We don’t have Wedge Tails here. I think the closest thing in size I will be dealing with is the vulture.

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