getting warmer

On a day

when the mercury

climbed up and up

we worked on warm colors.


(goldenrod and turmeric)


(cochineal and annatto)


(madder and pokeberry)

all cooked over

the open flame.

When they hit the right


they were draped

on the clotheslines

for drying

and display.

A magical day.




Yup, it was a scorcher today, but I was prepared with plenty of water and took some breaks when I felt myself get a little steamy. It was so very exciting to see the colors though, it was an amazing moment when things started coming out of the pots. I still think that this is a difficult thing for someone with ADD to do as there are so many steps and they are all different depending on the fiber and the dye base. But I am managing to get something done…I think.

Stay tuned…tomorrow, the cool blues and greens!

11 thoughts on “getting warmer

  1. Why are we not neighbours….so wonderful..fantastic colours and great pics…tomorrow I look forward to the azures and turquoises and cooling blues…hugs Bev xx

  2. It’s lovely to follow your journey with colour! I’m thinking that I too may be ADD, (along with Bipolar, and gawd knows what else!), although I’m also wondering if that’s provoked by social media and the 3 minute attention span it encourages! I’ve always loved colour in my home, but have never had any confidence in using it in my art…..perhaps I’ll get inspiration from you!

  3. Oh those colours! I almost reached into the screen to touch them! It would seem like colour is such a visual thing, but oh this strong urge to feel it and bring it to your face to smell it and feel it with your cheek a little, just to make sure it’s really that gloriously orange, and to become part of this fabulous orangeness. And oh, their names.

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed these pictures! It was amazing how they were a magnet, the moment they were put up on the line, people started coming to see what we were doing. Unfortunately, these colors were fleeting, with drying they fade/dull down a bit…but they are still wonderful!

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