monarch update

I eagerly scan

the tall butterfly weed

that I planted in 

my garden

only to find it 

inhabited by

hundreds of 




that have eaten

every leaf


every pod

of the plant

rendering it


for the mighty Monarch.

So sad.

I will work

even harder next year

to prevent this

from happening.

The good news?

The aphids

have not

found their way

around the barn

to the smaller 


crawling with aphids
crawling with aphids
hanging out on all the stalks
hanging out on all the stalks
still blooming
still blooming

I have actually seen a monarch flying around my garden. Today I stopped Max from jumping up to get it.Yesterday, while picking tomatoes at my friend Melinda’s house, we came upon a Monarch caterpillar which made us both squeal with excitement.

I have been doing some research on aphids and came across this fabulous website:  If you are interested in going the extra mile on creating habitats for monarch butterflies, check it out. Tony has a huge amount of information on taking care of milkweed (aka butterfly weed) and how to create safe places for the monarch to lay their eggs. I am still taking it all in and trying to decide how far I will go with this cause.


6 thoughts on “monarch update

  1. Aphids do so much damage…the only thing I have noticed with our roses is that last year we have more ladybirds and therefore less aphids as they feed on the larvae..and our aphids are green 🙂 I do hope you have better luck next year…how disappointing 😦

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