My mother

taught me 

everything I needed

to know

about perspective.


you make a dot

to mark 

the vanishing point.

Sometimes this


can be placed 

safely on the page.


if you are feeling


you can

be a little risqué

and place it

outside the

boundaries of 

your picture.

When you have 

placed the dot in 

just the

right place,

you draw 

all your lines


towards that dot

never wavering

never diverting

rarely having any fun, really.


if you are 

true to the dot


and only then

will you achieve



perspective at Cape May, NJ
perspective at Cape May, NJ…the dot is somewhere off to the left…just follow all the lines.


6 thoughts on “perspective

    1. I think if you change perspectives then your life is like an Escher drawing! Sometimes I don’t know if I’m going up the stairs or out the door…what was the point??? 🙂

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