the day I caught a cat

I put a bucket out on our back porch the other day. I really didn’t expect to catch anything,ย most of the critters around here are too smart to just jump in a bucket for no particular reason. I didn’t even put food in it because I didn’t want to attract the wrong crowd, namely the insects that forage for an easy meal wherever they can find it. So imagine my surprise when, right under my very nose, I caught a cat! She jumped right in as if she owned the darn thing and proceeded to investigate her new home. It was to her liking for a while although she took offense at having her picture taken multiple times. I had to take them as I wasn’t sure anyone would believe me that I caught her. She eventually vacated the premises when I tried to carry the bucket to the garage to show my husband what I caught. Evidently the bucket was fine when it was stationary but she didn’t like the fact that it was transportable. After she jumped out she gave me one last scornful look and went to find a chair to have a nap in. I left the bucket out to see if I could catch anything else. I doubt it.

look what I caught!
look what I caught!
It's so cute!
Can I keep it???


12 thoughts on “the day I caught a cat

    1. Oooooh, I hadn’t thought about catching a fugitive!!! Maybe I should have taken the bucket to the local precinct. She probably would have escaped long before I got there… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Maybe I should have named her Liza instead of Izzy! Even if there were a hole, it’s not big enough for her to fall through, especially since she has a mature figure.

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