Month: September 2014

inspiration days

It’s not difficult to get inspired when walking around the property…the vegetation is changing daily, turning bright colors, losing color, shriveling up, folding in on itself and disappearing back into the earth to start all over again in a couple of months. Every day I take my camera out to find something cool and I am not disappointed. The last few days I have been fascinated by Queen Anne’s Lace…not just by the full flower…


…but by what happens after the bloom is done. It starts curling in on itself and, to my eye, begs to be reproduced as one of my vessels.

blooms are curling up
blooms are curling up
What is it hiding???
What is it hiding???
see the basket?
see the basket?


stop work order

It is hard to weld when someone is draped over the sculpture. Work was effectively stopped for the morning. By afternoon the inspector had moved to some other undefined location.

baby black rat snake
baby black rat snake


On another note…I have finished another vessel…click on the picture to see its web-site page.



I see layers of

Clematis seeds

draped in

the dappled sun

until the wind

tugs them from their perch

and sends them

to another location.


invasive inspiration

The tiny berries

clustered at

the end of the

mile a minute vine

show the wonderful

hues of

blues and purples

against the

luscious greens

of the late summer foliage.

Don’t be surprised

if these colors

show up

in some way

in my artwork

in the future.

blues and purples
blues greens and purples

unexpected gift

A walk to the stream

with my camera


lots of pleasant surprises

in the form of

late season

color and

unusual flowers

but none so glorious

as the gift I found

when this picture

popped up on

my computer.

female green darner
female green darner

It still blows my mind as to the magic of having a camera with an amazing zoom lens built right in. I am learning that i don’t have to get on top of something in order to get a great picture. And the reward is getting pictures of things I didn’t even see! I’m sure if I had tried to take this picture with my old camera, I would have startled the dragonfly and it would have flown away.

FYI, I  have absolutely no idea what the flower/seed is. If you know…please tell me, I’m dying to find out. If I find out first, I’ll post it.


leaf it to me

A camera,

new and slightly tested,

zoomed in on

a dying

elephant ear leaf

aka Colocasia

and snapped its picture


with little or no


and changed said leaf

into an

undulating mass of




that seemed to

move on its own

as it lay dormant

on my patio

curling up in death
curling up in death

saying goodbye to summer

This post is a photo essay of the last little bits of summer…

the last of the saturated color
the last of the saturated color
the last of the beautiful sun on the green leaves of the maple tree
the last of the beautiful sun on the green leaves of the maple tree
the last of the softest leaves
the last of the softest leaves
the last of the perennials going to seed
the last of the perennials going to seed

As you can see, I’m having a blast with my new camera.  The learning curve is a bit high, but I am starting to get the hang of it…still have lots of practice to do though.

AND…here is the latest sculpture from Virginia Sperry Studio…click on the picture to go to the website.

To See Within
To See Within