I have now come across a Hercules Beetle

I didn’t know what it was at the time

Imagine my surprise at seeing a beetle bigger than my toe

with funny pincher horns like a rhinoceros

coming out of its face

shiny from head to toe

like a newly varnished table

and spots all over its body

walking oh,

so clumsily

along the edge of the walkway

finally making it to the grass

and under a tree



a cat is waiting.

The pictures I took

due to the waning hours of daylight

were not up to the

Herculean task

of reproducing this beast

for your viewing pleasure.

Please accept the apologies of

the photographer

and do your best

to gaze upon this beetle

in all its bumbling, clumsy glory.

walking along the step of the walkway
walking along the step of the walkway
where are you going?
where are you going?
very shiny
very shiny
bigger than my toe.
bigger than my toe.


Sometimes I despair of finding something interesting to blog about. I mean, I have huge amounts of STUFF in my head, but it doesn’t always come together into something that I want the world to see. So imagine my excitement and relief when, after walking the dogs to get the mail this evening, I came across this outrageous beetle. I had never seen it before and it is rawther stunning. It gets your attention right away. I don’t think it’s the smartest beetle in the world, there is a good chance it can’t really see, so it does not necessarily take the path of least resistance to wherever it is going. Actually, I’m not sure it really knew where it was going. As big as it is, it keeps moving some part of its body, hence the somewhat blurry pix (along with the fading light). I am just happy that it hung around until I ran (yes, literally ran) upstairs to get my camera. Some days are good.

Thanks Hercules.


10 thoughts on “strong

  1. What an amazing thing to find on your doorstep – so exciting and who knew they existed anywhere outside the tropics!! I thought you photos were great and the one with your toes really helped us appreciate its size.

    1. It is actually an Eastern Hercules Beetle, and can be found up and down the east coast of the states…I agree it looks like it belongs somewhere where there are rain forests and large brilliant flowers…not walking under a pine tree in my yard. I am glad you liked the picture with the toes, I figured nobody would believe me when I said how big it was.

  2. Hercules is awesome..we have beetles here very similar..they make funny noises too and they actually called Rhinocerous beetles here ..I love beetles and glad he came along to give you some blog mojo 🙂 it can be very hard to find inspiration..and then along comes a gorgeous part of nature….love it hugs Bev xx

  3. I SO understand the “head full of stuff” syndrome, Virginia! And the drawers full, and thousands of photo’s… and folders of writings….I get overwhelmed…..and produce nothing.
    But this fella was a serendipitous find…I guess that’s how it goes! My only slight disconcertion was the line …”like a newly varnished table”…I hadn’t seen the pics yet, and my brain immediately conjured up a flat table; on seeing him, my brain conjured up highly glazed Japanese pottery…but that wouldn’t scan!
    Beetles are great in the garden, and I’ve a few dead ones in my Dead Things Collection…they’re so wonderfully sculptural…nothing so splendid as this fella though!
    (Maybe I’ll blog about my Dead Things?…Hmmmmm!)

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