unexpected gift

A walk to the stream

with my camera


lots of pleasant surprises

in the form of

late season

color and

unusual flowers

but none so glorious

as the gift I found

when this picture

popped up on

my computer.

female green darner
female green darner

It still blows my mind as to the magic of having a camera with an amazing zoom lens built right in. I am learning that i don’t have to get on top of something in order to get a great picture. And the reward is getting pictures of things I didn’t even see! I’m sure if I had tried to take this picture with my old camera, I would have startled the dragonfly and it would have flown away.

FYI, I  have absolutely no idea what the flower/seed is. If you know…please tell me, I’m dying to find out. If I find out first, I’ll post it.


6 thoughts on “unexpected gift

    1. Thanks Mary, I have been googling clematis, I never knew there were native wild ones…I can’t wait until next year to go down and see what the flowers look like! Now if I can just get rid of all of the multiflora rose…

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