stop work order

It is hard to weld when someone is draped over the sculpture. Work was effectively stopped for the morning. By afternoon the inspector had moved to some other undefined location.

baby black rat snake
baby black rat snake


On another note…I have finished another vessel…click on the picture to see its web-site page.


4 thoughts on “stop work order

  1. Amazing shot of the snake…he is so similar in colour and I wonder what he thought ..awesome 🙂 and as for Blue..very much an underwater jellyfish vibe I got ..beautiful..the colour and form for me very Aquatic and fluid 🙂 clever pixie you 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. thanks Bev…I love that you saw Aquatic and fluid, especially since you liv win the middle of a very large, dry country. BTW, would you consider helping me with a project??? I want to make some roos and I need some not-so-beautiful pictures. Detail shots of hands and feet, backsides, interesting profiles…are you up for that?

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