The little green worm

caught my eye

and immediately

identified itself as

an inch worm

(aka Geometridae).

It wan’t moving

it wasn’t inching along

it was merely attached

at each end of its body

to the late-season

purple coneflower

(aka Echinacea).

After a moment

of pondering

I realized


this little green worm

is yet another of

those VIP’s

which in this case





reaching for some more of that yummy stuff.
reaching for some more of that yummy stuff.

I love finding things like this out just from observation…and how fun is it to come in and Google it? I am old enough to remember when Googling comprised of going to the bookshelves and pulling out the Encyclopedia Britannica…of course I had to know the name of what I was looking for, but it was still lots of fun to go searching in the books, you never knew what you would find just hanging out on the next page. Indo-china? Indonesia? Incense? And once again, I’m off to another world…

2 thoughts on “pollinator

  1. So very needed the pollinators and in a lot of trouble everywhere..go you little Inchworm…and I agree I loved looking up things in the encyclopedias …always got side tracked 😉 hugs Bev xx

  2. VIP – I love that. I miss looking things up in an encyclopedia or dictionary sometimes (although I still sometimes do) for the very reason you mention – stumbling upon some other piece of knowledge.

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