take a walk with me

It’s a beautiful late fall day, would you like to go for a short walk with me? You never know what you’re going to find around here. I actually didn’t have to walk very far to see something I thought you might find interesting. A stroll to the other side of the barn shows someone busy clearing out the grown up weeds.

what's around the corner?
what’s around the corner?
weed infested
weed infested
Willy is a hard worker

In the process of pulling weeds, it seems that Willy has also found remnants of an oak floor. I am already working on how I can incorporate them into a sculpture…

see what he's found!
see what he’s found!

The pokeberry has had a field day (so to speak) growing next to the foundation of the torn down building.

poke berry next to the wall

While I was taking pictures, this fierce creature appeared in the underbrush. She is so very photogenic I just had to snap a few. Of course she is curious about what is going on, I think she’s worried her rodentia cafeteria is being demolished.

someone is watching
someone is watching
made it!
made it!
not impressed
not impressed

Over on the opposite side of the barn, the giraffe remains unperturbed.


I promise that I will soon reveal the reason why Willy is working so diligently to clear this section of the property of weeds and underbrush…something exciting this way comes!!!




5 thoughts on “take a walk with me

      1. I would love to have a garden wall. It’s been a dream of mine ever since we bought our first home a few years ago. For the moment we have be happy with a fence and a hedge.

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