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If you’ve been reading my posts this summer, you will know that I have been trying to help the local monarch butterfly population by planting milkweed. When I went for a walk the other day I was thrilled to see some native milkweed that has already been growing down near the stream. I’m hoping that next year the milkweed count will increase even more!

I'm sooooo happy!!!
I’m soooooo happy!

In other news around the place, I thought you would like a sneak peek at something that began yesterday in my studio. I can always use more pictures of these guys, and not necessarily the beautiful pix, but the ones that show the profile from different angles and details of different body parts…(fozziemum….help!!!)

the first drawings
the first drawings


17 thoughts on “make me happy

  1. Monarchs…splendid! As for the kangaroo, I find it helpful to google images of the skull , and sketch that first….one has to try and absorb the form by osmosis…look forward to seeing how that progresses!

    1. Oh, yeah, good idea. I have a book with pictures of the entire skeleton. And at some point I am going to go to the Museum of Natural History in DC…they have both a full skeleton and a full taxidermy form on display. Unfortunately, they are behind glass, but I think I’ll be able to get a lot of info from them.

      1. I just searched out my Evolution In Action book, a wonderful book of B+W photographs of skeletons of different species, and how they evolved…..was looking for Kangaroo photo, to scan and send you in an email…but there wasn’t a single one!
        Museum of N.H. a great idea!

  2. Very Cool. Can’t wait to see the kangaroo.
    I noticed a lot of seed pods at Morgan Run. I am going to go get some to put in my lower meadow.

  3. Hey sweets..i am looking through some pics for your email but when I went to reply the dang thing bounced back so I will find some pics and let me know when and if you get them ..dang computer….:) hugs Fozziemum xx pees so far you are doing great!!

    1. awesome…I am going to do a mona and joey, found some good pix that show the side and front views. Thanks for working on this for me, I spent some time on your blog the other day looking at pix and videos…you have some good ones…

      1. Awesome just use them..i am trying to send you some pics but my email is menopausal…I will go out after lunch and see if I can get some butt shots..i have written info on one of my posts titled ‘for those who asked’ a heap of size weiht info etc 🙂 pee ess my email just got bounced again mann I will try now to send one pic see how it goes 🙂

  4. I am so happy to see what native milkweed looks like. I have seen two monarchs in my garden this week. Probably searching for the non-existent milkweed. And I am very curious about the kanga. Is it a commission or a just because?

  5. I’m tempted to plant some milkweed now – it’s so pretty. I have a lot of monarch butterflies already but am always happy to have more. One plants it in the late Spring, I imagine?

      1. “Milkweed seeds can be sown outdoors after the danger of frost has passed.” But the site recommends sowing the seeds indoors first and then planting the saplings.

        I will make note to buy some milkweed seeds!

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