towering above


gather in an



viewing the world,

passing on gossip

and sometimes

getting in a

brief raucous scuffle

over nothing

in particular.

catching up on the news
catching up on the news

I was out test-driving my camera this morning and decided to see what it would do if I tried taking pictures of the starlings on top of the electric tower. I can barely see them with the naked eye (the birds, not the towers) although I knew they were there by their squawking and screaming. It’s kinda thrilling to have a machine that can capture a picture of something you can barely see. I know I still need to work on exposure etc. and I also know that while this camera is good, it still makes things that far away a little grainy but it is so much fun to play like this!

I really like the juxtaposition of the big geometric shapes made out of the linear steel bars and the little curvaceous beings that hang out on them.



4 thoughts on “towering above

    1. Yes, starlings are annoyingly wonderfully raucous. This was actually a small amount of them, there are days when the tower is covered…hopefully I will be able to capture that picture as well!!!
      Somehow adapting to a power line does not instill me with confidence of their intelligence… 🙂

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