B is for…


red red red
red red red



yellow and red make orange
yellow and red make orange
red surrounded by yellow
red surrounded by yellow




Okay, I know that the berries are actually rosehips. They are from the dreaded multiflora rose and if I were smart, I would go pick them all and burn them…alas, I am neither smart nor motivated enough…which I will regret next year. At least the birds will be well fed.   ***I stand corrected, these berries are actually from barberry which is also an invasive species. And yet they still sell it in our nurseries here because it grows easily and has interesting colors throughout the year. I’m still not going to get all the berries and burn them though…

I am pretty sure that this bittersweet is the native variety. Evidently one way you can tell is that the invasive type has thorns on it which this definitely does not. I really hope it is native, I get so bummed out when I find my small section of woods is being taken over by yet another non-native invasive species.

The good news is that the Buckeye is not in the least endangered right now, in fact it lives up to its name, “Common Buckeye” because it can be found in two thirds of the US. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s ugly…B is also for Beautiful…

7 thoughts on “B is for…

      1. My neighbors have a vine that is so lovely in the Spring must incredibly invasive. We both work on keeping it in check rather than removing it but it’s growing at an alarming rate. Your story reminded me of this.

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