Usually sunset pictures actually have the sun in them. I chose to turn away from the sun and see how it was affecting the simpler things in life. I don’t know about you but I love the feeling I get when I see this picture, it brings a sense of calm and quiet to my mind.

a few leaves left to reflect the orange glow
a few leaves left to reflect the orange glow

Looking further away, I can see the last of the oak trees which are burnished burnt orange and gold on the hillside.

autumn burnishings
autumn burnishings

Photography is so very therapeutic to me, I lose all sense of the world as it should be and just revel in the world as it is. Even the smallest things become amazing. These clematis seeds make me think of Dr. Seuss. I wonder if he got his inspiration from these?

more wild clematis seeds
more wild clematis seeds

10 thoughts on “sunset

        1. BTW, I tried to get To Kill a Mockingbird out of the library but it seems to be on someone’s reading list and every copy was out…I will have to wait patiently until that class is done with it.

    1. I agree, should is a tough word and I am working my butt off to take it out of my vocabulary but it is deeply ingrained. The camera does help push it out of the way…

  1. Linda the back of the sunset can show such amazing things..the hour before being very beautiful..and I agree..Photography takes me into a world of wonder and MAKES me stop and really see just how I fit in the planet 🙂 great shots..the first to me tells me all is well the day is is what it is and it won’t be the same relax…loves Bev xx

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