two dogs, a ball and some leaves

Today was one of the most exciting days of the year at our house. It was the first leaf pile day of the season. While we have lots of trees on the property, most are in areas that we don’t need to rake. But there is one maple tree that dumps an impressive amount of leaves that must get raked, shredded and put on my gardens. But that’s not why it’s exciting.

The excitement is truly unbearable if you happen to be a golden retriever. Ginger, the more lazy of the two, LOVES leaf piles and will plop herself down in one consisting of no more than five leaves. And because this is the beginning of leaf season, that’s about all there is.

ever so happy
ever so happy

The first day of leaf piles is so unbelievably awesome for Ginger. I thought this post was just going to be about her…but I was wrong.

Enter her sister, Lucy. The ball fiend. The happy girl. The energetic one.

together in the leaves
together in the leaves…Ginger in front, Lucy behind.
red ball
chewing on the red ball

Lucy loves leaf piles as well. But only as a place to search for balls. Or a place to rest while chewing one. Today’s ball of choice is red. Lucy owns (as any self-respecting, ball-obsessed dog would) several balls, some of which Ginger covets. Right now she has two red, one black and one blue ball. (The pink one and the rubber tire are currently MIA but will probably show up eventually.)

Ginger covets all of them except the blue ball, it is too lumpy.

So through the course of raking the leaves, Lucy put the ball at my feet about 200 times.

red ball
red ball

Occasionally I threw it down the hill. Sometimes, to mix it up a little, I threw it into a leaf pile. And sometimes, she just THOUGHT I threw it into the pile when it was actually in plain site. I didn’t tell her though, I just let her enjoy the search. She wouldn’t have listened anyway, she’s that sort of dog.

looking for the ball in all the wrong places
looking for the ball in all the wrong places

It is very easy to confuse her when she is super-excited which is to say, any time I have a ball in my hand. Her excitement borders on panic when her sister gets into the act of searching.


But inevitably, Lucy’s nose won the contest and she took the ball away to chew on it for a while.

lucy and ball

lucy lucy and ball lucy and ball


And of course all this ball chasing and chewing and protecting is thirsty work on a warm day…

thirsty work
thirsty work

I shall be honest and say that I’m not sure who is happier with a pile of leaves, the dogs or me. Raking leaves is one of the things I have great memories of, we had two HUGE maple trees when I was growing up. When they dropped their leaves I would rake them and throw the leaves down the hill and then…jump in them (of course). You might still find me hiding in my own pile of leaves in the next couple of days…but I highly doubt that there will be a picture of it, you will just have to use your imagination…


7 thoughts on “two dogs, a ball and some leaves

  1. The photo of them with their rears in the air searching for the ball in the pile of leaves is just so adorable and made me laugh. They obviously had a fantastic time (it must have taken you forever to rake those leaves, haha!). My dog, being a terrier, loves to sniff and now spends hours at each leaf pile sniffing each scent. It takes us double the time to do our usual walk. But I’m not complaining, it’s quite lovely.

    1. I’m glad you give your terrier all the time to sniff leaves…the dog’s sense of smell is an amazing thing and we don’t usually allow them to use it to the fullest on walks.
      Leaf raking is not a quick sport at our house. It is understood that some of the time is spent enjoying the silliness of two happy dogs. Until the leaf grinder comes out, then it’s all serious business…well, for my husband at least, I tend to get caught up in the mourning that leaf season is over for another year.

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