It’s Monday and it’s raining and it’s cold and the heat is out in my studio and my plant manager couldn’t fix it (yes, help is on the way) and did I mention that it’s raining (although Ginger doesn’t seem to be bothered by that she’s lying in a pile of wet leaves and I am going to have to dry her off when she comes inside) and I am very stressed about a bunch of somewhat inconsequential first-world problems that currently seem ENORMOUS and yup, it’s still raining and cold and I am still waiting for the heating guy to come cause I have to leave soon but of course there is no telling when a service dude will arrive even though he called and said he was on his way 15 minutes ago but we don’t know where he’s coming from so we don’t know what “on my way” means and Ginger is just too cute when all I can see is her head peeking up over the top of the hill and wow the service dude just showed up and he looks about thirteen but is calmly confident so I suppose I will just have to trust him and this is way too stressful for such a delicate soul such as myself and I think perhaps a bath, a cup of tea and a good book are on the agenda for this evening. Oh wait, the Steelers are playing, cool, now there’s one more stressful thing to add to the mix…

Whaddaya mean it's raining?
Whaddaya mean it’s raining?

Keep your fingers crossed that the heat gets fixed, I so very much want to continue working on the kangaroooooooooo. I went to the Museum of Natural History on Saturday and have all sorts of new information to look at when I work on the armature…

roo armature
roo armature

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