a day of curiosities

Take a walk with me and you will see…

1. A nest made from natural and unnatural materials

looking from the top
looking from the top
what's the little fuzzy stuff?
what’s the little fuzzy stuff?
what's the BIG fuzzy stuff?
from below…what’s the BIG fuzzy stuff?

2. A ladybug hanging out on a rotting/drying apple

lady bug on an old apple
lady bug on an old apple

3. What I see when I look through the pine trees.

my neighbor's horse fence
my neighbor’s horse fence

4. The color orange.

stained glass leaf
stained glass leaf

Two squirrels running through the trees battling for a walnut.

It's mine!
It’s mine!
I want it
I want it
hey, wait for me!
hey, wait for me!

All in all, a good day to be out walking around. Of course these were NOT taken today, the temperature has not gotten above freezing and the wind is wicked. I thought I would take the moment and post some pix that were in my files.


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