long promised

Okay, here it is. The famous black rat snake video. This is the moment where I will not judge you if you decide not to read (or watch) any further. But I hope you do…it is fascinating.

If you don’t know (or don’t remember) what I’m talking about, this past spring I was walking to my studio when I came across two black rat snakes writhing on the rocks. I quickly realized that they were copulating (no fool am I) and I spent some minutes being mesmerized by their movements. Fortunately, I got some of it on video. It took me this long to get it onto YouTube so that you could see it too. But for those of you who have bugged me about it, here it is…

Just click on the picture or the link below…

Enjoy!!!Two black rat snakes

▶ black rat snakes – YouTube.

5 thoughts on “long promised

    1. Oh man…I should have consulted you before I posted it. I have not seen the snakelets yet, I’m sure there will be some sign of them next year…you will just have to wait. 🙂

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