Two dogs

patient and true

waiting for that moment

when the humans

decide that

the cuteness

is too much

and take off

the annoying




around their necks

and normal




can resume.


I’m off to see my dad this weekend, a very quick trip squoze in between a myriad of events. He seems to be in a good mood and I can only hope it continues.


9 thoughts on “HoHoHo

  1. Your poem only adds to my suspicion that I am indeed crackers, (crazy). Who would dress their dog as a Reindeer? But in my defence it was a funny post and we only had the gear on him for two minutes.
    Two beautiful looking dogs, I am curious about how you keep their coats in such a great condition.

    1. Yeah, the reindeer mask is a bit, um, undignified perhaps. But it is fun to do it even for a brief moment.
      Ginger and Lucy are very patient, this is their eighth Christmas and they just sort of roll their eyes and sigh when they hear the jingly bells.
      Their coats are often in bad condition, lots of matts and burrs and they smell very doglike (or worse). We take Ginger (the fluffier one) to the groomer a LOT to keep it down to a dull roar.
      Thanks for checking in!

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