a good day

I sit here aware that there is trauma happening every moment around the world. You will probably have read about most of it. So this post is an antidote. It is the recounting of a good day. A day where I was happy, joyful even, and productive. A day where the clouds lifted, metaphorically and in reality, and I was able to breathe deeply and gratefully. These days are somewhat rare. I try to make them happen, but for some reason they elude me. Today, I didn’t have to work at all.

First, I had a really nice visit with my dad. If you have been paying attention, you will know that he is in the murky area of dementia and there has been a lot of stress for those of us who have been the closest to him. But this visit, uncharacteristically, was low-key and pleasant. And I got a good picture of him doing one of his favorite things…playing Scrabble. He had just laid down a seven letter word over a triple word score. He can’t remember what he had for dinner, but he can still pull off a stunt like that…amazing. In this picture (dad is on the right, his friend Nick is on the left) he is in a pose that is so very familiar…his Scrabble/crossword puzzle/New York Times reading pose.

Nick and dad...(dad is on the right)
Nick and dad…(dad is on the right)

Before I left, the last two sections of the ribbon piece were delivered. I mean, they were delivered on Friday morning and I immediately got in my car and left for Connecticut. So imagine my joy at being able to go play with it this morning…and the weather cooperated! The temperature was pleasant, there was no rain and eventually the sun came out. Max made an appearance to help me move stuff around (actually, he wasn’t as much help as my long-suffering husband). So I took Max’s picture too. I figured it would help in showing how big this thing is. (The answer is 84 feet long.) Then I spent the rest of the morning taking photos and putting them on the website. For more pictures of the ribbon piece, go to the website page at www.virginiasperry.com/ribbon/. I am looking forward to adding photos from each season. Let it snow!!!

Max checking it out...again
Max checking it out…again

My afternoon was just as busy. I made a trip to the eye doctor to take out the stitches on my left lower eyelid from a biopsy two weeks ago (Thank God that’s over). The news that the biopsy came back negative really made my day. Even though I was 99% sure it was nothing, it is still a relief to know.

And finally, because the weather was just too gorgeous to stay inside, I was able to get the two dogs and myself out for a long walk. Nothing like a bit of exercise to make the day perfect.

I almost forgot the other thing that made me happy today…the Pittsburgh Steelers won yesterday. Unfortunately so did the Ravens so my husband and I are still in fierce competition with only two games to go…even Santa thinks that the tension is unbearable!!! (For those of you from other lands, this is about American Football and these two teams are usually very close in their quest to get into the post-season.)

Go Steelers!!!

soooo close
soooo close

So, I hope you had a happy day as well…Cheers!




11 thoughts on “a good day

  1. A lovely day and the pictures are lovely..love the Ribbon…love dad having a good moment and love Max and Santa…I have reposted a video I made of my roos..I figure too many people are full of anger today and want to show some happy and nice too! hugs and loves Bev xxx

    1. oh goody…roos!!! I am going to watch it at my leisure…and take notes, or drawings or something. I feel for the people in that chocolate shop ( I happen to love Lindt truffles…it coulda been me in there). I’m glad it’s over, but I would have wished for a different outcome. Glad you got some joy out of my post…

      1. Glad you can enjoy the roos 🙂 there are not may Aussies that have not been in Martin Place..i am so sad for everyone involved..my daughter is a barista in a Melbourne café and to see the staff running our…well..so sad…I am glad it is over and hope sanity prevails here…

  2. Love the photo of your dad and Nick. The ribbon is such a fun piece. I can’t wait to see how it looks in snow. And I wonder if snow could accumulate on top of it if we got enough snow flakes to bridge the gaps. That can be a winter science experiment for you. Glad to know you are feeling on top of the world!

  3. Love your undulating ribbon sculpture – the close up, with Max, makes me marvel at the intricacy of the piece – what a lot of work it must have been! Here’s to many more scrabble games for your Dad😊

    1. It was a lot of work, although I found ways of making it easier. Still, I had to weld each nail and that took time.
      Dad says he’s going to shoot for 100 so he has seven more years of Scrabble games. 🙂

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