I have been struggling with what to write…several times over the past few days I have sat down to write a post and given up because I got nothin’, nadda, zilch. My brain seems to be on a blogging vacation, despite the fact that there is art EVERYWHERE in my life right now. The camera has been quietly sitting on the desk while life goes on in other locations. Christmas is a wonderful and tough season to get through and I am glad that it is almost the new year and I can relax back into everyday life, whatever that might look like.

So instead of some deep thoughts about what the holiday season means to me or some cool pictures of nature with a little poem, I am going to show…chocolate. (this post brought to you by the incredible talent of Mr. R…he is a trained pastry chef…do not try this at home…)

Christmas Eve started at 9:00 a.m. with eating chocolate off of a spatula. chocolateIt continued at lunch time with making more chocolate and eating it off of various implements.




In the afternoon the chef cut of the edges of the cake and made them into stumps.


Wait, you’ll see




The meringue mushrooms would get a coating of cocoa before everything was assembled.  Know what it is yet?



And now the rolling of the cake. T’ain’t as easy as it looks.




A night in the refrigerator…




Et voilà! Christmas Day brought the finished dessert to the table for oohs and aaahhhs galore…

bouche bouche


And that was the end of my chocolate adventure…until next year!




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