shovel duties

Once in a while

when the cold dry air

creates a snow so fine

as to look like powdered sugar

and the wind

comes from the north

and dances

around the yard

before it departs to the south

I find it necessary

to shovel

the inside of the barn

before I go to work.

inside snow
inside snow

My mother used to tell the story of when she and my dad owned a ski lodge in New Hampshire in the early 50’s. They lived in the house next to the lodge and she often came down in the morning to a little pile of snow on the floor that had blown in through the key hole.

Years later, my husband and I moved into our current house where the door was single pane glass and you could look right through the keyhole. Fortunately, the snow never made it through, but it sure was cold on windy days.

We replaced that door very early on in our years here. We have yet to solve the snow-in-the-barn problem.


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