Month: February 2015

yellow pages

A week without internet

our lifeline to the world beyond

was an excruciating time

for all involved.


I need to call the florist

what do I do?



time’s a-wasting.


How quickly I have forgotten

how resources used to be found

before bright screens


and emoticons.

A time when bookmarks

were not a category

at the top of my

computer screen

but real objects

made from paper

or metal

or wood

that could be

stuck between

actual pages.

A time when those

same pages

could have the corners folded

written upon

or torn out.

Pages from

an actual book

with words




useful and accessible

for anyone to find

as long as you

knew the alphabet

and could read numbers.

I spent many an hour in new cities

looking at this particular book

to acquaint myself

with all the resources


This book

with yellow and white pages

is the book I need

right this very moment.

OMG, do I even have one

in the house anymore?

I dig deep into a cupboard,

under some CD’s

and DVD’s

(also outdated,

but that’s for

another post)

pull out a book

and flip open to


for florist.

f is for florist
f is for florist


Years of cutting steel

with a plasma cutter

on the grid of the cutting table

leaves behind layers of

metal slag that

make an eerie sight

when lit by the sun.

slag on the plasma cutting table
slag on the plasma cutting table

Here’s a studio abstract that was so cool I couldn’t resist posting it. Plasma cutters are awesome tools to have when you are cutting large quantities of metal. I made my own plasma cutting table when I first began welding. That was in 2004, so this is ten years of build-up on the slats of the table. The sun was an unusual occurrence that week but it showed up in the afternoon to leave the shadows that really magnify the texture. One of these days I will get around to knocking off the slag and cleaning up the table. Maybe.

Here is the table back when I first moved into the studio in 2006. Needless to say, the studio hasn’t been this clean since, well, 2006.

plasma cutting table


Diagonal lines

made by

a boy

dragging a toboggan


the glistening powder

of the snow.

toboggan tracks
toboggan tracks

We don’t usually see such powdery light snow. This is the kind of snow that comes from very cold temperatures, like single digits (fahrenheit). This powdery snow blows around in the wind, creating fleeting sculptures, especially at night when lit by the outside lights. I spent a few minutes one night throwing the snow in the air as the winds howled in gusts up to 60mph and watching it swirl away in ghostly apparitions.

The morning that this picture was taken I was out in my bathrobe and pajamas (and a coat) on an inner tube, sledding down the hill. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that for me, this is true bliss. I love getting down to the bottom and laying on my back looking at the trees and sky and birds.

I’ll admit, I’m tired of cold and will be happy when the days warm up a bit. But I will have good memories of playing in the snow from this winter…that makes me happy.

plump and fluffy

I have been waiting for a while to get pictures of our resident mockingbird. He likes to hang out on the Japanese Maple bush which is outside our kitchen door. He is not usually concerned with dogs, cats or me, I’ve seen him sitting in the viburnum bush while all of us are sitting on the patio. Today he seemed a little shyer than normal, but he still sat in the maple tree while I took pictures, only flying off when my husband came out of the garage. I would stand around waiting to take better pix, but it is really really cold out there, the thermometer said 2 degrees (F) this morning (that is -17 C) and I don’t feel like freezing my buns off to get a picture of a bird…there will be other, warmer days.


At one point he must have seen something that he didn’t like in the distance because he stretched himself up and looked down the hill.


In addition, we are home to a male downy woodpecker and a flicker. Haven’t captured the flicker yet, but hopefully I will soon.

*NOTE* My naturalist friend Melinda says that this is actually a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. I don’t want to spread misinformation around the web so I am changing my identification…evidently the red on a down woodpecker is on the back of the head. The Sapsucker has red on the front. Thanks for the info Melinda. I think maybe I should send all my pix to you first!!!

downy woodpecker

I love this time of year when the birds are so fluffy and round. It means they are getting enough food and they have nice winter down…and they need it. We are scheduled for another snow storm tonight, perhaps 4 to 8 inches of snow. We are definitely going to deserve spring…

studio abstract

a sheet of steel

16 gauge to be exact

leaning against the half wall

in the center of the barn

must suffer the indignity

of intermittent drips

from numerous storms

falling through the roof

and painting

strange worlds

on its surface

before being pulled

into the studio

and cut apart

to become

a kangaroo.

strange worlds indeed
strange worlds indeed

In other news, our internet has been fixed, fortunately it was a simple fix. Of course the whole thing could have been avoided had one department at Comcast talked to the other department, but no…that is asking too much. In the meantime, I have found many places with wifi in this area should the need ever arise again. Have laptop, will travel.

The kangaroo is coming along but not without many struggles. The latest revelation was that their pouches are not as round and bulgy as I thought they were. My inner perfectionist is coming out big time, knowing that something is still Not Quite Right. I have to start the mantra of “It’s as good as I can make it with the information I have to work with.” It took a visit to the studio from my husband to make me realize I was starting to obsess about it and it was time to move on to a different section of the body. Yay for husbands!!!

If you are in the northern climes…try to stay warm…frosty days are ahead!




the books are all lined up

like the good soldiers they are

waiting to catch the interest

of a passing general or

maybe a lieutenant

and be given a job

any job

for it seems like

the world is passing them by

and the wars to be won or lost,

the lessons to be learned

have no need for the printed words

set in between two flat pieces of cardboard anymore,

instead appearing on a screen

above little black buttons with


and arrows

and an @ sign.

lined up and waiting
lined up and waiting

I am at the library because stupid *^#&ing Comcast can’t fix our internet until Thursday. So every day I am finding places with free wifi to hang in out for a while. Today is quite pleasant, this library is open and spacious and full of interesting books and I had to come here anyway to return a few. Yes, I am a dinosaur, I go to the library religiously and come home with my arms full. It is so lovely to sit of an evening and peruse the printed word. Although I do read books on my iPhone (especially when I am out and about) I still love to open a real book and turn real pages. I am in mourning for the inevitability of the demise of the book and hope it doesn’t happen quite yet.