the books are all lined up

like the good soldiers they are

waiting to catch the interest

of a passing general or

maybe a lieutenant

and be given a job

any job

for it seems like

the world is passing them by

and the wars to be won or lost,

the lessons to be learned

have no need for the printed words

set in between two flat pieces of cardboard anymore,

instead appearing on a screen

above little black buttons with


and arrows

and an @ sign.

lined up and waiting
lined up and waiting

I am at the library because stupid *^#&ing Comcast can’t fix our internet until Thursday. So every day I am finding places with free wifi to hang in out for a while. Today is quite pleasant, this library is open and spacious and full of interesting books and I had to come here anyway to return a few. Yes, I am a dinosaur, I go to the library religiously and come home with my arms full. It is so lovely to sit of an evening and peruse the printed word. Although I do read books on my iPhone (especially when I am out and about) I still love to open a real book and turn real pages. I am in mourning for the inevitability of the demise of the book and hope it doesn’t happen quite yet.

13 thoughts on “stacks

      1. Not this Pixie 🙂 I still value smells and tactile things…of course I love the comouter as it allows me to really work with my oics..but I a very much out there on the ground when I take them..and that is what I love 🙂 xx

  1. Books like soldiers, what a great image. Going to the library is such fun, returning with a pile of books is like being a child again and visiting a candy store and being told that the candy is all free!

    1. I agree…I have such good memories of going to the library with m y mom as a kid and can remember lots of books I read (Bobbsey Twins, Harriet the Spy and stories I can’t remember the titles of). I even remember our library card number…162. Yup my mom was one of the first people in the town to get a library card.

  2. Having re-discovered libraries in my later years and seeing how busy they always are – it’s hard to believe that books will disappear entirely. Hope your internet connection goes back up soon!

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