studio abstract

a sheet of steel

16 gauge to be exact

leaning against the half wall

in the center of the barn

must suffer the indignity

of intermittent drips

from numerous storms

falling through the roof

and painting

strange worlds

on its surface

before being pulled

into the studio

and cut apart

to become

a kangaroo.

strange worlds indeed
strange worlds indeed

In other news, our internet has been fixed, fortunately it was a simple fix. Of course the whole thing could have been avoided had one department at Comcast talked to the other department, but no…that is asking too much. In the meantime, I have found many places with wifi in this area should the need ever arise again. Have laptop, will travel.

The kangaroo is coming along but not without many struggles. The latest revelation was that their pouches are not as round and bulgy as I thought they were. My inner perfectionist is coming out big time, knowing that something is still Not Quite Right. I have to start the mantra of “It’s as good as I can make it with the information I have to work with.” It took a visit to the studio from my husband to make me realize I was starting to obsess about it and it was time to move on to a different section of the body. Yay for husbands!!!

If you are in the northern climes…try to stay warm…frosty days are ahead!



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