Diagonal lines

made by

a boy

dragging a toboggan


the glistening powder

of the snow.

toboggan tracks
toboggan tracks

We don’t usually see such powdery light snow. This is the kind of snow that comes from very cold temperatures, like single digits (fahrenheit). This powdery snow blows around in the wind, creating fleeting sculptures, especially at night when lit by the outside lights. I spent a few minutes one night throwing the snow in the air as the winds howled in gusts up to 60mph and watching it swirl away in ghostly apparitions.

The morning that this picture was taken I was out in my bathrobe and pajamas (and a coat) on an inner tube, sledding down the hill. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that for me, this is true bliss. I love getting down to the bottom and laying on my back looking at the trees and sky and birds.

I’ll admit, I’m tired of cold and will be happy when the days warm up a bit. But I will have good memories of playing in the snow from this winter…that makes me happy.

9 thoughts on “tracks

    1. I agree. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really capture the sparkly quality of the snow in a n adequate way. I’m glad you got the image of me on the inner tube, there was no court photographer that day to take a picture…thank God!!!

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