Years of cutting steel

with a plasma cutter

on the grid of the cutting table

leaves behind layers of

metal slag that

make an eerie sight

when lit by the sun.

slag on the plasma cutting table
slag on the plasma cutting table

Here’s a studio abstract that was so cool I couldn’t resist posting it. Plasma cutters are awesome tools to have when you are cutting large quantities of metal. I made my own plasma cutting table when I first began welding. That was in 2004, so this is ten years of build-up on the slats of the table. The sun was an unusual occurrence that week but it showed up in the afternoon to leave the shadows that really magnify the texture. One of these days I will get around to knocking off the slag and cleaning up the table. Maybe.

Here is the table back when I first moved into the studio in 2006. Needless to say, the studio hasn’t been this clean since, well, 2006.

plasma cutting table

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