yellow pages

A week without internet

our lifeline to the world beyond

was an excruciating time

for all involved.


I need to call the florist

what do I do?



time’s a-wasting.


How quickly I have forgotten

how resources used to be found

before bright screens


and emoticons.

A time when bookmarks

were not a category

at the top of my

computer screen

but real objects

made from paper

or metal

or wood

that could be

stuck between

actual pages.

A time when those

same pages

could have the corners folded

written upon

or torn out.

Pages from

an actual book

with words




useful and accessible

for anyone to find

as long as you

knew the alphabet

and could read numbers.

I spent many an hour in new cities

looking at this particular book

to acquaint myself

with all the resources


This book

with yellow and white pages

is the book I need

right this very moment.

OMG, do I even have one

in the house anymore?

I dig deep into a cupboard,

under some CD’s

and DVD’s

(also outdated,

but that’s for

another post)

pull out a book

and flip open to


for florist.

f is for florist
f is for florist

11 thoughts on “yellow pages

    1. oh good question…I don’t know. Of course cell phones have made them somewhat obsolete as less and less people have a land line that is accessible from calling information.

    1. Not only that but the phone book was easily three years old…thank goodness the florist didn’t go out of business or change their phone number.

  1. I SO identify with this! I went away for four weeks, with no internet or email, and came home to 568 emails, of which THREE were from friends! I then spent hours unsubscribing from all the political, environmental, ecological, artistic, literary and volunteering subscriptions that I’d accumulated to distract myself.
    Then my modem was struck by lightning, twice! More weeks offline… I got a malevolent virus that wiped my old computer, (my own fault…aaaargh!),and have since had three months of unforeseen disasters…unexpected financial whammys, death of two beloved animals, health problems…the whole kit and kaboodle! Through it all, I’ve somehow sustained the clarity that my time away gave me, but seem to have a block about blogging again…not wanting to just whinge about life’s unexpected trials and tribulations…which also involved hundreds of photo’s from my trip being lost in the ether….it was in trying to rescue them that I got the malware that wiped out ALL my old photo’s…so I can’t just post a fun travelogue from my trip away! Life seems to be giving me a huge lesson in Letting Go! Hey Ho! Writing this has helped me…though I’ve no wise words to share! C x

    1. Wow you have a techno cloud sitting over your head don’t you? I’m sorry about the death of your animals and your health problems. It always seems like stuff comes in cycles. You are due for a protracted calm period now. And I have lost reams of photos before that was my fault for deleting before I was sure they were downloaded onto the computer. Ugh.

  2. This reminds me of when I was looking to buy an address book last year and the shopkeeper looked at me and said “we don’t carry them anymore, everyone just uses their phone”.

    1. I can believe that, I haven’t looked at my address book in two years. Interestingly, my 19 year old assistant has an actually calendar date book. I put our next work session in my phone and he wrote it down in his book. Go figure.

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